Un message des enfants de Nancy

Sam le 2éme fils de Nancy, sa femme Rose ( Mexicaine) et  leur fille Kaitlyn

Dear Loved friends in Belgium,

We hope find all of you in good health. 

 In behalf of the Ling family we thank you for all your prayers, support & love.

 Mom Nancy Ling enjoyed her visits to Belgium so much. She spoke very highly of everyone & shared beautiful memories with us. She shared stories & great pictures from her trips to Belgium. She took home the very best from all of you. I believe you were all family to her. 

 She was a strong, Hard working woman with respect. Focused on the positive of life & always smiles.  She was very giving & loving. She was a terrific mother. She raised her children & provided the best education for them. She enjoyed her life to the fullest. We miss her dearly & remind ourselves to enjoy this beautiful life God gives us. Life is short, please live in Love & with peace. 

 We are very grateful for your love & support. Mom loved each & one of you very much. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We send love & blessings your way. We hope you are all in good health. 

Much Love,

 Rose, Sam & Kaitlyn Ling